The Sugar Plum Fairy Has No Wings      
 Geronimo's Grandson Became A Boy Scout      
 The Clam Digger's Wife and Her Clandestine Trampoline      
 Jules Verne Skips School      
 Lucifer Goes Fishing On A Cold Day In Hell      
 Clark Kent Finds Religion      
 Johnny Appleseed Was Not An Only Child      
 The Pied Piper Decides To Take A Wife      
 Rapunzel Determines Her Own Fate      
 Tonto Bought A Boat And Sailed It Out To Sea      
 The Matchstick Merchant's Daughter Plays With Matches      
 His Moral Compass Had No North      
 Bozo The Clown Finds Redemption      
 The Tooth Fairy Finds Herself In A Bad Dream      
 Batman's Dentist      
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